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    Highrise Ideas is our crowdfunding platform. Creatives on Highrise have no shortage of impressive item concepts, but like many artists, often need a bit of support to bring their unique visions to life. Highrise Ideas empowers the community to come together to forge a dream into reality. 🤝

    Similar to most crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter or IndyGoGo, Highrise Ideas is a tool to help artists share concepts for single wearable avatar items they’d love to make, and helps members of the community explore a library of designs they’d love to wear.

    Once you see an Idea that resonates with you, you can commit to supporting that item by Preordering it. 🔖 Preordering works just like pledging or backing a project in Kickstarter: if the item gets enough support to meet its funding goal, it gets created, and all backers receive the item. If it doesn’t meet its funding goal, the Idea is cancelled and preorders are refunded.

    As the Highrise Ideas feature is still in it’s own embryonic stage, we’re ready to hear your ideas on what optimizations might best serve our creative community with future updates! The keys to any idea becoming a reality are both adaptability and perseverance to keep trying, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do. 💪

    So let’s go! Share a concept for a single item, and get ready to rally around designs that get people buzzing. Every great moment, look, or experience starts somewhere, and that somewhere is an Idea. 💭


    For an item to be released through Highrise Ideas, it will need to pass through three stages:

    Review Phase, in which Highrise Staff assesses eligible Ideas and approves valid designs

    Funding Phase, a 30 day period for the item to receive public funding from the Highrise community

    Production Phase, a 60 day period for the HR Art Team to create the item.


    During Funding Phase, anyone who wants to support the Idea can do so by preordering the item for a 10% discount. Once an Idea reaches its Funding Goal, the item immediately enters a 60-day Production Phase.

    During the Production Phase, anyone may continue to preorder the item for full price. After Production concludes, the item will be distributed to backers automatically, and the item Designer will receive 10% of the total revenue in the form of Earned Gold.

    Items created through HR Ideas are only purchasable during the Funding and Production Phases! After that, they may be traded, but are no longer available through Ideas or any other Highrise Shop.


    Updated 6 months ago

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