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    When you vote, you’ll be presented with a random design. If a design has more than one image, view additional slides by swiping right-to-left. 

    Below the design, you'll be presented with two buttons to cast your vote. Simply tap...

    💚 to vote YES ❌ to vote NO

    After you confirm, you’ll be presented with a new design. Explore votes until you've seen every entry!


    Q: How are votes counted in Concepts?

    Winning designs are sorted by the ratio of YES votes to NO votes. Designs with a higher proportion of Yes votes rise to the top of the queue, and votes with a lower ratio sink to the bottom.

    Q: How are designs displayed? Is it all random?

    All designs are presented randomly to each player. None of the following will affect the order of appearance:

    Time of entry Current vote count Whether you’ve seen an entry before Whether you approved or disapproved an entry Who submitted the design What the submission looks like

    Q: Can I see what I’ve voted for?

    A: Right now, we do not have a system in place for retaining an index of your votes. Additionally, there is no navigation for going back to rescind a vote, or bookmarks to revisit an entry later. Go with the flow, and let your feelings guide you!

    Q: Can I skip if I don't like my choices?

    Yes! If you idle on a pair of entries for 15 seconds, a Skip button will appear. Use this if there is no clear winner in your given matchup. However, bear in mind that every vote counts! The idea behind Concepts is to give every single design an equal chance of being seen. Every vote you cast matters!

    By voting on each entry, you help to give us an accurate read on how well the community is resonating with a particular design. 

    Q: Can I vote for my own entries?

    No: you won't be shown your own Concept submissions. If you log in to an alt account you may see your entry during voting. However, no votes will count toward your total if submitted through an alt account.

    Q: How do I report an entry?

    Report an entry for violating our Community Guidelines by tapping the red flag in the upper left corner. Please share a comment on why you are submitting your report in the text box, and then hit Submit to send your report to our dedicated Trust & Safety team.

    Updated 6 months ago

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