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    Anything can be the source of inspiration for a great Idea! Item themes and clothing types are totally up to you. Here’s a quick checklist of what to consider as you design and share your item Ideas:

    1. Wearable Avatar Items: Ideas is currently only accepting items to customize your avatar’s features, clothing, and accessories. Furniture Ideas may come at a later time, but focus on spiffing up those wearables for the time being!

    2. Single Items: Ideas offers individual pieces only. To streamline the explore features of our Ideas webpage, every Idea is showcased using just one image of the item design. While some items might have built-in arms, legs, or accessories, we won’t approve any item that could potentially be released as multiple items. So if you design a hair item with built-in ears and hairclips, for example, your Idea may be rejected for containing three potential items instead of one.

    3. Original Items: Share your fresh item designs! We are not accepting any redesigns in Highrise Ideas - even if you’re using your own designs as your base. Additionally, an Idea may not be approved if it is too similar to an existing item. Innovate and bring something totally novel to the Idea table!

    4. Fixed Colors: We are not accepting any items that are not naturally color changing: this means items that wouldn't color change in real life (shirts, shoes, etc.). So, this does not apply to items with an in-built color picker like hair.

    • VALID COLOR CHANGE: hair, lips, eyes, eyebrows, facial hair, clip-in bangs, freckles, blush. Additionally, items with built-in body parts (posed arms and legs, rider items, crop tops with exposed skin, items that tweak avatar body proportions) are all acceptable.
    • INVALID COLOR CHANGE: clothing, auras, or accessory items that change based on hair, skin, lip, or eye color. Items that color change according to an unnatural color dependencies are also not valid (ie, hair that changes color according to eyes; eyes that color change according to lips, etc.)

    5. Appropriate Categories: As you create your Idea submission, you’ll define the item’s type and and rarity. Review the item type categories (shirt, aura, lips, bag, etc.) to ensure that your item will layer properly; then, pick a rarity that matches the item’s approximate value (ie, a dazzling, bombastic pair of wings should not be a Rare).


    1. Ideas may be rejected by Highrise staff at any stage during the Funding or Production Phase for technical constraints, quality considerations, or community guideline infringements by the designer.
    2. Highrise staff may adjust an item's details (name, rarity, and category) if necessary.
    3. Submit under your own account! Duplicate entries submitted under alt accounts will be removed.
    4. You may submit any single-item design to both Concepts and Ideas simultaneously! If you happen to win a Concept vote, we'll take down the Idea campaign for you.
    5. To account for the volume of Ideas we receive, we do not share personalized explanations for why an Idea was rejected. Of course, we always welcome resubmissions, so take a look over this list, reassess your Idea, and resubmit!


    Updated 3 months ago

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