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  • Navigate to the Concept theme of your choice, and tap the Upload Submission button to begin.

    Creating your Submission

    You’ll be prompted to Upload Photos from your library, camera, or files.

    You can upload up to 5 images per Submission for most concepts. The number of total Submissions will vary per concept, but will typically land around 10 or so.

    Consider each Submission a separate entity. For example, if the Concept you’re entering asks for a face item, and you have created designs for eyes, lips, and a nose, use one submission for each item. This is to help keep the Concepts process more fair, clear, and easier for everyone to actually pick the items they want!


    Once you’ve chosen the photos for your Submission, you can either add more, or delete from your current selection. If you’d like to reorder your images, you’ll have to delete and reupload your photos in the proper order. 

    Entering Your Submission

    When you’ve finalized the images you’d like to use for your Submission, you’ll be given a preview. Tap Create.

    You can view your submissions any time from within the Concept card page. Add another entry by tapping the + sign.


    Change your mind about a submission? Navigate to My Submissions, tap on the entry you’d like to delete, and tap Delete Submission.

    Uploading FAQ

    Q: I’m getting an error when uploading! What went wrong?

    First, be sure to check your internet connection. We know, this is a boring tip - but it’s often the issue!

    Next, try to exit out of the Concepts page and re-enter the My Submissions portal to confirm your entry isn’t there.

    Finally, be sure to check that all your image size does not exceed 5MB.

    Q: I have more than 10 concept ideas! Can my submissions show all my ideas at once?

    Help us ensure that voting is accurate! Please keep each submission limited to one concept apiece. For grabs, this means using one Submission per grab concept; in the case of single-item Concepts, each item should be its own submission.

    You can still use a clothed avatar as a model for your design, and share multiple examples of how it might look with different outfit combinations. However, your first slide should always clearly label or highlight your actual design.

    Q: Can I edit my Submissions after voting has begun?

    You won’t be able to update the images in a submission after you create it. If you need to change the artwork or order of your slides, you’ll have to create a new Submission.

    Accidentally delete a concept after the submisison period is over? No worries! Reach out to our Support team. We can restore your deleted submission.

    Q: I'm part of a collab. Should we each upload our shared design?

    Only upload your unique submission once; even if the piece shares authorship with another player. Our team reviews all entries prior to the Voting phase to remove duplicates and other invalid content. So, if we see the same entry from multiple accounts, we'll remove all extra submissions from the voting pool.

    Q: How many collabs can I be part of?

    As many as you'd like! Keep in mind that collaborations are currently limited to 2-player duos only. Also, all prizes will be split evenly among both members of your collab. Right now, this means that each member will receive 3x copies of the produced item and 5,000 Earned Gold.

    Q: Why did my submission get removed?

    Every submission is reviewed prior to the opening of a Voting Stage to check for eligibility. Typically, we'll remove concepts that do not adhere to our Community Guidelines or the Concept's ruleset.

    Every Concept has slightly different criteria for acceptable submissions; entries should follow item count suggestions, PG-13 guidelines, and be original works. Duplicate entries, designs using player-made items as bases, and entries displaying multiple items in a single-item Concept will be removed to maintain fairness.

    Updated 4 months ago

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