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    Highrise is a hub for art & collaboration: from items to features, HR staff and our global community work together to build a world of surprising games, riveting events, and gorgeous artwork. Whether you're an artist, or an art enjoyer, Concepts is the link between the realm of imagination and the virtual reality of our community.

    Concepts moves us toward a future where content moves in a transparent pipeline from sketch, to vector, to real item, with your innovation, intuition, and insight as key influences every step of the way. Here, we can all share our designs for future outfits and rare items, and collectively decide which looks are absolutely slaying: no matter who made them.

    HR Concepts lets you take a far more active role in choosing what kind of content gets released. Bubble up the best designs through the voting process with a simple tap to let us know early on if a concept is in high demand and should be put into production. Regardless of your experience level, you can have a say in which designs resonate with you and guide our entire world's art direction!

    In addition to being totally open to all members of the Highrise community, our staff Art Team uses HR Concepts to submit their own art sketches to the voting pool so we can all collaborate as a community on what kinds of looks we like the best. Veteran designers, beginner artists, staff: Concepts guarantees that only the top designs make it into the game as real items.

    Welcome to a world where everyone can change our art future!

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    Updated 6 months ago

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