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    How many Ideas can I submit?

    Share up to 2 Idea submissions. An individual item constitutes its own submission. Once an Idea has been approved for funding or has been rejected, it no longer contributes to your Idea count. In other words, you may have an unlimited number of fully approved Ideas along the Funding and/or Production pipeline, but only 1 or 2 in the Review Phase at a time.

    What kinds of items can I submit?

    Share any original, wearable avatar item. This includes all avatar face and body items, hair, piercings, auras, and clothing. We do not currently accept redesigns, color-changing items, furniture, or multi-item submissions.

    Are collaborations allowed?

    Not at this time; all Idea submissions must be solo work only. Earned Gold is sent to designers automatically at the end of the Production Phase, and this feature currently only supports single-artist entries. Find your own path!

    Can I edit my Idea after it's been submitted?

    No: once you submit an Idea, its details may no longer be changed. If you need to make changes to your Idea's design, rarity, or description, you may delete any Idea in the Review Phase by navigating to My Ideas tab. Reupload the correct version of your Idea.

    Can I edit my Idea after it's been submitted and approved? What if I need to make changes?

    Ideas cannot be edited after submission. If your Idea has already passed the Review Phase and is currently receiving funding, you must contact support to delete the Idea for you. Keep in mind that this will entirely reset the Idea's funding cycle. Anyone who has backed the Idea will get refunded, and you'll have to resubmit the Idea for review.

    My Idea keeps getting rejected!

    Check out our GUIDELINES to ensure you're meeting all eligibility criteria! Not only does your item need to meet basic community guideline requirements for content, but your Idea must also be technically possible, have an appropriate rarity and item type category, and be original.

    How do I report an Idea?

    To report an Idea, tap on the Flag Icon in the item image's lower right corner. You may choose a Category (Copyright Infringement, Inappropriate Content, etc.) and add a brief description to help our Trust & Safety team take action. If you're reporting an Idea for using a player-made item as a base or reference, please include the name of the item on which the offending item is based.

    Is there a limit to how many items I can preorder?

    Nope! While you must order items in batches of ten, your total preorders for a single Idea are unlimited. Snag as many Cursed Crocs as your heart desires!

    Can I preorder my own Idea?

    Yes! You can buy your own design as many times as you like.

    How do I cancel a preorder?

    Preorders cannot be canceled. Once you support an Idea by preordering, you are making a binding commitment that cannot be withdrawn. If an Idea fails to fund, or if the Idea is subsequently rejected by staff, the Idea will be canceled and all backers refunded.

    Can I support an Idea using Earned Gold? Does that go to the designer AS Earned Gold?

    You may use Earned Gold to preorder an item. If you do use Earned Gold to support an Idea, it will behave just like regular Gold. The type of currency you use to preorder an Idea has no impact on the Designer's compensation. Please be sure to check your Earned Gold balance on our Create Portal to ensure you're aware of how much Earned Gold VS regular Gold is in your Highrise wallet!

    I backed an Idea in the Funding Phase, and want to preorder more of the item now that it's in the Production Phase. Can I still get a discount?

    Nope! Prices are fixed according to the phase of development the Idea is currently in. Prices per item are unaffected by whether or not you've already shown support for the item or not.

    I want to do a giveaway to promote my Idea. Is this allowed?

    Yes; giveaways, competitions, raffles and rewards are acceptable for Highrise Ideas submissions. In contrast to Concepts, where support for a design is free, accessible, and zero-risk via the community vote, support for Ideas is a leap of faith, and requires the commitment of an upfront purchase. Similar to bonuses for reaching specific funding goals on platforms like Kickstarter, additional incentives provided by an Ideas designer are acceptable perks for the that designer's community of committed backers.

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