Q: How - and why - is this different from a Design Contest?

A: Concepts empowers not only our artists, but our entire community, to shape the direction of all Highrise art. An updated scoring system gives everyone a better chance to influence a Concept’s winning designs, and by sharing our staff’s designs before they’re released, we can dissolve the boundaries between “official” and community designs. Concepts lets everyone share in the experience of creating and watching as your favorite items travel from idea to your closet.

Q: Do we still get items, gold, and Inspired By Attribution?

A: Yes! For now, we’re retaining much of the structure of our current Design Contest prize distribution. Unless otherwise stated, all winning Concept artists will receive 6 copies of each item they make and 10k Earned Gold per item.

If a concept-winning item is featured in cash sale, we'll send you a bonus of 25,000 Earned Gold.

Earned Gold can be used just like regular Gold in Highrise! However it may also be redeemed for cash.

Visit our Creator Exchange to check your Earned Gold balance and set up an account with Tipalti, our payment partner.

Q: I want to support my friend's design by voting for them. How do I find a specific submission?

A. Every artist needs an audience who supports their creative endeavors! However, Concepts is not about seeking out specific entries. Rather, the feature was designed to help level the playing field and prevent any design from rising to the top based on the popularity of the designer. 

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