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    Lifecycle Functions


    In this guide you will learn how to connect to the built in Unity Lifecycle Functions with your lua script.

    What is a Lifecycle Function?

    Life Cycle Functions are special functions that are automatically called at specific intervals of an Object's or Component's Lifetime


    Initialization Events

    • Initialization events are called before any updates.

    • The Start function is called before any physics update and before the first frame, while the Awake function is called for each object in the scene when calling up a scene.

    • Start and Awake functions for different objects are called in a random order, but all Awake calls are finished before any Start is called.

    Note: This means trying to reference other objects in the Awake state is unstable as the Objects may not be Initialized yet. Objects outside of a script are best defined in the Start function.

    Game Logic Events

    • The Game Logic Events include the Realtime functions and loops namely Update, OnTriggerEnter, and OnTriggerExit.

    Deconstruction Events

    • Deconstruction events are called in all activated objects in a scene.
    • The OnDisable function is called when a given object is disabled or is inactive.

    Below is an example script with supported LifeCycle functions:

    function self:Start()
        print("I started. This is still the first frame I am alive!")
    function self:Update()
        print("This frame took " .. Time.deltaTime .. "seconds")
    function self:LateUpdate()
        print("This frame took " .. Time.deltaTime .. "seconds, but I'm happening after all the other normal Updates occured")
    function self:FixedUpdate()
        print("This physics step took " .. Time.fixedDeltaTime .. " seconds and will always take that long, unless manually changed")
    function self:OnTriggerExit(other : Collider)
        print("This triggering collider left: " .. other.gameObject.name)
    function self:OnTriggerStay(other : Collider)
        print("The triggering collider that has not left is named " .. other.gameObject.name)
    function self:OnTriggerEnter(other : Collider)
        print("I was triggered by a collider named " .. other.gameObject.name)
    function self:OnCollisionExit(collision : Collision)
        print("I stopped colliding with and touching a collider named " .. collision.gameObject.name)
    function self:OnCollisionStay(collision : Collision)
        print("I am still colliding with and touching a collider named " .. collision.gameObject.name)
    function self:OnCollisionEnter(collision : Collision)
        print("I collided with a collider named " .. collision.gameObject.name)

    You can learn more about Unity's Event Functions here.

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