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    Tap Handlers


    In this guide, you will learn how to utilize TapHandlers in Lua scripting to trigger actions when an object is tapped by the user.

    What is a TapHandler?

    A TapHandler is a built-in component that allows you to connect to an event triggered when a collider is tapped by a user in your Highrise world.

    Understanding TapHandler Properties:

    The TapHandler component includes three properties:

    1. Check Distance:
      • When enabled, the player character needs to be within a certain distance to interact with the object.
    2. Distance:
      • Specifies the maximum distance from the object at which it can be tapped if "Check Distance" is enabled.
    3. Walk to:
      • When enabled, the player character automatically attempts to walk to the object. Once the character reaches the specified distance, the Tapped event is triggered.

    Note: A TapHandler requires a collider to be tapped.

    Accessing TapHandler in Lua Script:

    To access the TapHandler component in Lua script and connect to the Tapped event, use the GetComponent method on the object containing the TapHandler. Here's a code snippet demonstrating how to achieve this:

    function self:Awake()
            -- Code to execute when the object is tapped

    Click here to get the TapHandler Class API: Tap Handler API

    Updated 17 days ago

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