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    Write Your First Script


    Coding might seem daunting initially, but with practice and perseverance, it becomes a rewarding skill. This guide aims to help you write your first script in Lua, Highrise's primary scripting language. By the end, you'll have a basic understanding of scripting concepts and the ability to create simple interactions in your Highrise world.

    Understanding Lua Scripts

    Lua scripts are text files containing instructions that dictate the behavior of the game engine. Written in Lua, known for its simplicity and flexibility, these scripts control various aspects of your Highrise world, including player movement, object interactions, and game logic.

    What to Understand Before Writing Scripts

    Before diving into scripting, grasp these fundamental concepts:

    Creating Scripts in Unity

    To initiate a new script in Unity:

    1. Open your project.
    2. In the Project panel, right-click and select Create > Highrise > Lua Script.
    3. Choose the script type (Client, Server, ClientAndServer, Module, or UI).
    4. Name your script and press Enter.

    Writing Your First Script

    Let's craft a straightforward script printing a greeting message when a player enters the game:

    -- This script prints the player's name when they join the game
      scene.PlayerJoined:Connect(function(scene, player)
          print("Welcome, " .. player.name .. "!")

    Attaching Scripts to Objects

    After scripting:

    1. Right-click the Hierarchy panel.
    2. Select 3D Object > Create Empty to make an empty game object.
    3. Rename it to PlayerManager.
    4. Pick the PlayerManager object in the Hierarchy panel.
    5. Drag your script onto the PlayerManager object in the Inspector panel.

    Testing Your Script

    To test:

    1. Hit Play in Unity to enter Play Mode.
    2. Watch the console for the greeting message when a player joins.

    Video Preview


    Kudos on writing your first Lua script in Highrise! Scripts empower you to craft dynamic and interactive experiences in your worlds. With continued practice and exploration of scripting concepts, you'll unlock endless possibilities for your game development journey. 🚀

    Updated 15 days ago

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