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    Payments are a crucial part of many games and experiences, allowing players to purchase in-game items, unlock content, and support developers. In this guide, you'll learn how to implement payments in your Highrise Studio projects using the Highrise Payments API.

    Payment API Example

    Here's an example of how you can use the Highrise Payments API to handle purchases in your project:

    In the example below, we assume you have already set up a product. Look at the Creating a Product section to learn how to create a product.

    Client Side:

    -- Assuming you have a players table to store the player's data, like tokens, etc.
    local players = {}
    -- Global function that can be called whenever you want to make a purchase
    function PromptMakePurchase(player)
      if player ~= client.localPlayer then return end
      local product = "eel" -- The product ID you want to purchase
      Payments:PromptPurchase(product, function(paid)
        if paid then
          print("Purchase successful")
          print("Purchase failed" .. tostring(paid))

    Server Side:

    function self:ServerAwake()
      -- Register the PurchaseHandler function to be called when a purchase is made
      Payments.PurchaseHandler = ServerHandlePurchase
    function ServerHandlePurchase(purchase, player: Player)
      local productId = purchase.product_id -- The product ID that was purchased
      -- Print the purchase information
      print("Purchase made by " .. player.name .. " for product " .. productId)
      local itemToGive = nil -- The item you want to give to the player
      if productId == "eel" then
        itemToGive = "item_eel"
        -- Unknown product ID
        Payments.AcknowledgePurchase(purchase, false) -- Reject the purchase
        print("Unknown product ID: " .. productId)
      -- Give the item to the player, either by adding it to their inventory or saving it to their data
      -- In this example, we'll just print a message, and add tokens to the player's data
      print("Giving item " .. itemToGive .. " to " .. player.name)
      -- Add tokens to the player's data
      players[player].tokens = players[player].tokens + 100

    UI Script:

    Assuming you have a UI script that has a button that can be clicked to make a purchase, you can call the PromptMakePurchase function when the button is clicked.

    To call the PromptMakePurchase function, your script must be a module script, and you must require it in the UI script.

    -- Now assuming the module script is named PurchaseHandler
    local PurchaseHandler = require("PurchaseHandler")
    -- Assuming you have a button called PurchaseButton
    local PurchaseButton : UIButton = nil
    -- Register the callback for the button press
      -- Call the PromptMakePurchase function when the button is clicked
    end, true, true, true)

    Creating a Product

    In order to use the Highrise Payments API, you need to create a product. You can create a product by following these steps:

    1. Go to the Creation tab in the Creator Portal
    2. Select the world you want to create a product for
    3. Navigate to the In-World Purchases section under the Monetization tab
    4. Click on the Create button
    5. Fill in the product details, such as the product ID, name, description.
    6. Click on the Create button to create the product

    Once you have created a product, you can set an image for the product, enable "List For Sale" to make it available for purchase, and set the price of the product.

    Highrise will take 30% of the revenue generated from the sale of In-World Purchases (IWP). The remaining 70% will be credited to your account.

    Handling Purchases

    When a player makes a purchase, the ServerHandlePurchase function is called on the server. This function is responsible for handling the purchase, giving the player the item they purchased, and acknowledging the purchase.

    Acknowledging a Purchase

    After handling the purchase, you need to acknowledge the purchase to let the Highrise Payments API know that the purchase was successful. You can acknowledge a purchase by calling the Payments.AcknowledgePurchase function with the purchase object and a boolean value indicating whether the purchase was successful.

    Payments.AcknowledgePurchase(purchase, true)

    Rejecting a Purchase

    If the purchase cannot be completed for any reason, you can reject the purchase by calling the Payments.AcknowledgePurchase function with the purchase object and a boolean value indicating that the purchase failed.

    Payments.AcknowledgePurchase(purchase, false)


    In this guide, you learned how to implement payments in your Highrise Studio projects using the Highrise Payments API. By following the examples provided, you can create In-World Purchases (IWP), handle purchases, and acknowledge or reject purchases in your project. Implementing payments in your project can help you monetize your game or experience and provide players with a way to support your work.

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