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    Highrise Studio is a development environment for creating games and experiences on the Highrise platform. It offers tools for designing, building, and publishing games playable worldwide on various devices.


    To begin with Highrise Studio, follow these steps. If you need assistance, you can watch the video tutorial provided at the end of this guide.

    Step 1: Set Up the Tools

    1. Download and install Studio Hub.
    2. Follow Studio Hub's instructions to download and install Unity and the Highrise Studio Package.
    3. Install Visual Studio Code (VSCode) or another code editor for scripting.
    4. If using VSCode, install the Highrise Studio Tools extension.

    Step 2: Create a New Project

    1. In Studio Hub, click New Project.
    2. Choose the Basic Template or another template.
    3. Name your project and optionally set the file location.
    4. Click Create Project.
    5. Wait for the project to load in Unity.

    Do you have an existing project? Learn how to import it.

    Step 3: Use Unity

    1. Sign in to your Highrise account via the Sign In button.
    2. Test your world using the Play button.

    Step 4: Customize Your World (Optional)

    Customize your world by adding objects, changing properties, and scripting interactions.

    • Adding Objects: Use the GameObject menu to add objects like cubes, spheres, and lights to your scene.

    • Changing Properties: Select an object in the scene view to view and edit its properties in the Inspector panel.

      • You can adjust properties like position, rotation, scale, and material to customize the appearance of objects.
    • Scripting Interactions: Use Lua scripts to add interactivity and gameplay mechanics to your world.

      • You can learn more about scripting in the Lua course.

    Step 5: Test and Publish

    Ensure your world works as intended before publishing.

    1. Thoroughly test your world.
    2. Create a world in Creations Tab.
    3. Provide a name, description, and cover image. Learn more
    4. Click the Upload button in Unity to upload your world.
    5. Await review and approval.

    Step 6: Releasing The World

    1. After approval, find your world in the Creations Tab.
    2. Go to Builds and click Release.
    3. Share your creation!

    Video Tutorial

    For a visual guide, watch our YouTube tutorial series covering the basics of creating your first world.


    With Highrise Studio, you can create and share immersive experiences effortlessly. Whether you're a novice or an expert, Highrise Studio equips you with the tools to bring your game ideas to life.

    Done with the basics? Dive into more advanced topics in the Coding Fundamentals or learn about Asset Creation to enhance your worlds further.

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