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    Congratulations! You've created your first world in Highrise Studio. Now it's time to share your creation with the world. Follow these steps to publish your world on the Highrise platform:

    Step 1: Test Your World

    • Before publishing, thoroughly test your world to ensure it works as intended. Utilize the Play button in Unity for testing.

    Step 2: Create a World

    • To publish your world, create a world in the Creations Tab. Click on New World and fill in the required details like World Name and Introduction.

    Step 3: Add a Cover Image

    • After creating your world, click on the ... button and select Edit World. Here, you can add a World Icon, World Images, Tags, and a Description to enhance the appeal of your world.

    Step 4: Publish Your World

    • Once all necessary details are added, upload your world to Highrise by clicking the Upload button in Unity.
      • Select the world you just created and hit Upload.
      • Monitor the status of your world upload in the Builds tab within the Creations Tab.

    Step 5: Test Your World Again

    • After uploading your world, access the Highrise app, navigate to the Worlds tab, locate your world (usually in the My Worlds or Following section), enter the world, and test it to ensure functionality.
      • Invite friends to test your world before public release by adding them to the Members list in the world settings.

    Step 6: Release Your World

    • If everything appears satisfactory, release your world to make it public. Return to the Creations Tab, find your world, click on the ... button, and select Release World (Latest Build).


    Your world is now live on the Highrise platform! Share it with friends, the Highrise community, and beyond. 🎉

    Updated 17 days ago

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