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    Coding Fundamentals




    Functions are code blocks that perform specific tasks when called. They help organize your code, reduce redundancy, and improve readability. Understanding functions is essential for creating modular and maintainable scripts in your Highrise world.

    Defining Functions

    In Lua, you can define functions using the function keyword followed by the function name and parameters.

    Scope of Functions

    Functions in Lua have their own scope, meaning they can access variables defined within their scope or passed as parameters. Local variables declared inside a function are only accessible within that function.

    Calling Functions

    You can call a function by using its name followed by parentheses (). If the function requires parameters, you can pass them inside the parentheses.

    Returning Values

    Functions can return values to the caller using the return statement. You can specify the return values after the return keyword.

    Benefits of Functions

    Functions help you break down complex tasks into smaller, manageable parts. By encapsulating code in functions, you can reuse it across your scripts, improve code organization, and enhance the maintainability of your Highrise world.

    Full Guide to Functions

    Please refer to Functions for a detailed guide on functions in Lua.


    Functions are fundamental building blocks in Lua scripting that enable you to encapsulate code, improve code organization, and enhance the maintainability of your Highrise projects. By mastering functions and understanding how to define, call, and return values from functions, you can create modular and reusable code that powers dynamic and interactive gameplay experiences in your Highrise world. Experiment with functions, explore different use cases, and apply best practices to elevate your Lua scripting skills and develop engaging content in Highrise Studio.

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