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    Coding Fundamentals


    Control Structures


    Control structures are statements that control the flow of code execution in a script. They determine which code blocks to execute based on conditions or loops. Understanding control structures is crucial for creating interactive and dynamic behavior in your Highrise world.

    Conditional Statements

    Conditional statements allow you to execute code based on specific conditions. The most common conditional statement in Lua is the if statement, which evaluates an expression and executes a block of code if the condition is true. You can also use else and elseif to handle alternative scenarios.

    When to Use Conditional Statements

    Conditional statements are useful when you want to create decision-making logic in your script. For example, you can use conditional statements to check if a player has reached a certain level, determine the outcome of a game event, or trigger specific actions based on user input.

    Benefits of Conditional Statements

    Conditional statements help you create dynamic and interactive scripts that respond to changing conditions in your Highrise world. By using conditional statements effectively, you can control the behavior of objects, characters, and game events, making your world more engaging and immersive.

    Full Guide to Conditional Statements

    Please refer to Control Structures for a detailed guide on conditional statements in Lua.


    Conditional statements are essential tools for controlling the flow of code execution in Lua scripts. By using if, else, and elseif statements, you can create decision-making logic that responds to player input, game events, and environmental conditions in your Highrise world. Mastering conditional statements will enable you to create dynamic and interactive experiences that captivate your players and enhance the gameplay of your Highrise world.

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