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    Script Types


    Script Types

    In Highrise Studio, scripts are categorized into different types based on their functionality and execution context. Understanding these script types is essential for developing interactive and engaging experiences in your game. Each script type serves a specific purpose and has distinct characteristics that influence how it interacts with other scripts and game elements.

    Lua Script Types

    1. Client Scripts - Execute locally for player interactions.

    2. Server Scripts - Manage game logic and multiplayer interactions.

    3. Client and Server Scripts - Operate on both sides for shared functionality.

    4. Module Scripts - Contain reusable functions and variables.

    5. UI Scripts - Control game interface elements.

    Client Scripts

    Client scripts execute on the client-side, governing local player interactions and behaviors.

    Server Scripts

    Server scripts operate on the server-side, overseeing game logic, data storage, and multiplayer interactions.

    Client and Server Scripts

    Client and server scripts run on both client and server, enabling shared functionality and communication between them.

    Module Scripts

    Module scripts contain reusable functions and variables that can be shared across multiple scripts.

    UI Scripts

    UI scripts control the behavior of user interface elements in the game.


    Understanding the various script types in Highrise Studio is essential for developing interactive and captivating game worlds. By leveraging the appropriate script types for different aspects of your game, you can create immersive experiences that resonate with players and bring your creative vision to fruition. Experiment with each script type to explore their capabilities and enhance your game development process.

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