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    Explore our carefully curated selection of Highrise bot examples to kickstart your bot development journey. These examples serve as an excellent starting point, offering you the flexibility to customize and adapt them to your specific needs.

    Please note that the examples provided here represent various levels of complexity and techniques in bot implementation. They are intended to guide and inspire you as you begin creating your own unique Highrise bots. The actual implementation of your bots may differ depending on your individual requirements.

    Join Our Community Discord

    If you have questions, need assistance, or want to share your bot creations, we invite you to join our vibrant Highrise Bot Community on Discord. Our dedicated community members and developers are eager to help, discuss ideas, and offer their expertise to make your bot development experience enjoyable and successful.

    By participating in our Discord community, you can:

    1. Ask questions: Get answers to your questions relating to bot development, the Highrise Bots API, or specific bot examples.
    2. Share your creations: Showcase your bots and receive valuable feedback from fellow developers and Highrise users.
    3. Collaborate: Connect with other bot developers, exchange ideas, and work together on exciting new bot projects.
    4. Stay informed: Keep up-to-date with the latest news, updates, and announcements related to Highrise bots and the Highrise Bots API.
    5. Contribute: Help improve the Highrise bot ecosystem by sharing your knowledge, providing support to others, and participating in community initiatives.

    To join the Highrise Bot Community Discord, click here.

    Contribute to the Highrise Bot Community

    Do you have a Highrise bot that you believe others might find valuable? We'd love to showcase your creation as an example for other users! Please submit a pull request at our GitHub repository to have your bot featured in our collection of examples. By contributing to our bot collection, you'll be helping fellow developers learn, grow, and develop their own unique Highrise bots.

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