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    Earn Gold with a Bot

    Creating a Tipping Bot

    This is a total beginner guide to hosting a simple bot to accept tips in your room. Tips sent to bots are automatically converted to Earned Gold, allowing you to exchange the gold for real money! For more info: https://create.highrise.game/dashboard/creator-exchange

    This guide assumes you’re on an up to date Windows PC. You shouldn’t need any coding knowledge or tech understanding, just follow the steps closely to the end.

    Step 1: Install Python

    Simply follow this link and download the latest Python version: https://www.python.org/downloads/

    You will get a .exe install file, locate it in your downloads and click the file. The following popup will show:

    python installation

    IMPORTANT: Check the ‘Add python.exe to PATH’ tick box, then you can click ‘Install Now’ and follow the steps to install.

    Step 2: Installing your bot

    First, create a folder where you want your bot files to be such as on your Desktop. Then create 2 files:

    1. main.py - This is our Python code file which interacts with the Highrise SDK, making our bot perform its functionality.
    2. startbot.bat - This file executes the code and runs your bot in one simple click.

    and paste code below to the corresponding file.


    room_id = "YOUR_ROOM_ID_HERE"
    api_key  = "YOUR_API_TOKEN_HERE"
    from highrise import BaseBot, __main__, CurrencyItem, Item, Position, AnchorPosition, SessionMetadata, User
    from highrise.__main__ import BotDefinition
    from asyncio import run as arun
    from json import load, dump
    import asyncio
    import os
    class Bot(BaseBot):
        def __init__(self):
            self.bot_id = None
            self.owner_id = None
            self.bot_status = False
            self.tip_data = None
            self.bot_position = None
        async def on_chat(self, user: User, message: str) -> None:
            print(f"{user.username} said: {message}")
            response = await self.command_handler(user.id, message)
            if response:
                    await self.highrise.chat(response)
                except Exception as e:
                    print(f"Chat Error: {e}")
        async def on_whisper(self, user: User, message: str) -> None:
            print(f"{user.username} whispered: {message}")
            response = await self.command_handler(user.id, message)
            if response:
                    await self.highrise.send_whisper(user.id, response)
                except Exception as e:
                    print(f"Whisper Error: {e}")
        async def on_message(self, user_id: str, conversation_id: str, is_new_conversation: bool) -> None:
            conversation = await self.highrise.get_messages(conversation_id)
            message = conversation.messages[0].content
            response = await self.command_handler(user_id, message)
            if response:
                    await self.highrise.send_message(conversation_id, response)
                except Exception as e:
                    print(f"Messaging Error: {e}")
        # Handle commands from any source (chat/whisper/message)
        async def command_handler(self, user_id, message: str):
            if user_id != self.owner_id:  # Only listen to host's commands
            command = message.lower().strip()
            if command.startswith("!set"): # Set the bot at your location
                set_position = await self.set_bot_position(user_id)
                return set_position
            elif command.startswith("!top"): # Build a 10 top tippers leaderboard
                top_tippers = self.get_top_tippers()
                formatted_tippers = []
                for i, (user_id, user_data) in enumerate(top_tippers):
                    username = user_data['username']
                    total_tips = user_data['total_tips']
                    formatted_tippers.append(f"{i + 1}. {username} ({total_tips}g)")
                tipper_message = '\n'.join(formatted_tippers)
                return f"Top Tippers:\n{tipper_message}"
            elif command.startswith("!get "): # Query a specific user's tips
                username = command.split(" ", 1)[1].replace("@", "")
                tip_amount = self.get_user_tip_amount(username)
                if tip_amount is not None:
                    return f"{username} has tipped {tip_amount}g"
                    return f"{username} hasn't tipped."
            elif command.startswith("!wallet"): # Get Bot wallet gold
                wallet = await self.highrise.get_wallet()
                for currency in wallet.content:
                    if currency.type == 'gold':
                        gold = currency.amount
                        return f"I have {gold}g in my wallet."
                return "No gold in wallet."
        async def on_tip(
            self, sender: User, receiver: User, tip: CurrencyItem | Item
        ) -> None:
            if isinstance(tip, CurrencyItem):
                print(f"{sender.username} tipped {tip.amount}g -> {receiver.username}")
                if receiver.id == self.bot_id:
                    if sender.id not in self.tip_data:
                        self.tip_data[sender.id] = {"username": sender.username, "total_tips": 0}
                    self.tip_data[sender.id]['total_tips'] += tip.amount
                    self.write_tip_data(sender, tip.amount)
                    if tip.amount >= 500:
                        await self.highrise.chat(f"Thank you {sender.username} for the generous {tip.amount}g tip!")
        async def on_user_join(self, user: User, position: Position | AnchorPosition) -> None:
            print(f"{user.username} joined the room")
        async def on_user_leave(self, user: User) -> None:
            print(f"{user.username} left the room")
        async def on_start(self, session_metadata: SessionMetadata) -> None:
            print("Bot Connected")
            self.bot_id = session_metadata.user_id
            self.owner_id = session_metadata.room_info.owner_id
            if self.bot_status:
                await self.place_bot()
            self.bot_status = True
        # Return the top 10 tippers
        def get_top_tippers(self):
            sorted_tippers = sorted(self.tip_data.items(), key=lambda x: x[1]['total_tips'], reverse=True)
            return sorted_tippers[:10]
        # Return the amount a particular username has tipped
        def get_user_tip_amount(self, username):
            for _, user_data in self.tip_data.items():
                if user_data['username'].lower() == username.lower():
                    return user_data['total_tips']
            return None
        # Place bot on start
        async def place_bot(self):
            while self.bot_status is False:
                await asyncio.sleep(0.5)
                self.bot_position = self.get_bot_position()
                if self.bot_position != Position(0, 0, 0, 'FrontRight'):
                    await self.highrise.teleport(self.bot_id, self.bot_position)
            except Exception as e:
                print(f"Error with starting position {e}")
        # Write tip event to file
        def write_tip_data(self, user: User, tip: int) -> None:
            with open("./data.json", "r+") as file:
                data = load(file)
                user_data = data["users"].get(user.id, {"total_tips": 0, "username": user.username})
                user_data["total_tips"] += tip
                user_data["username"] = user.username
                data["users"][user.id] = user_data
                dump(data, file)
        # Set the bot position at player's location permanently
        async def set_bot_position(self, user_id) -> None:
            position = None
                room_users = await self.highrise.get_room_users()
                for room_user, pos in room_users.content:
                    if user_id == room_user.id:
                        if isinstance(pos, Position):
                            position = pos
                if position is not None:
                    with open("./data.json", "r+") as file:
                        data = load(file)
                        data["bot_position"] = {
                            "x": position.x,
                            "y": position.y,
                            "z": position.z,
                            "facing": position.facing
                        dump(data, file)
                    set_position = Position(position.x, (position.y + 0.0000001), position.z, facing=position.facing)
                    await self.highrise.teleport(self.bot_id, set_position)
                    await self.highrise.teleport(self.bot_id, position)
                    await self.highrise.walk_to(position)
                    return "Updated bot position."
                    return "Failed to update bot position."
            except Exception as e:
                print(f"Error setting bot position: {e}")
        # Load tip data on start
        def load_tip_data(self) -> None:
            with open("./data.json", "r") as file:
                data = load(file)
                self.tip_data = data["users"]
        # Load bot position from file
        def get_bot_position(self) -> Position:
            with open("./data.json", "r") as file:
                data = load(file)
                pos_data = data["bot_position"]
                return Position(pos_data["x"], pos_data["y"], pos_data["z"], pos_data["facing"])
        async def run_bot(self, room_id, api_key) -> None:
            definitions = [BotDefinition(self, room_id, api_key)]
            await __main__.main(definitions)
    # Automatically create json file if not exists
    def data_file(filename: str, default_data: str = "{}") -> None:
        if not os.path.exists(filename):
            with open(filename, 'w') as file:
    DEFAULT_DATA = '{"users": {}, "bot_position": {"x": 0, "y": 0, "z": 0, "facing": "FrontRight"}}'
    data_file("./data.json", DEFAULT_DATA)
    if __name__ == "__main__":
        arun(Bot().run_bot(room_id, api_key))


    @echo off
    title HighriseBot
    python -m pip show highrise-bot-sdk >nul 2>&1
    if errorlevel 1 (
        echo Highrise SDK not found. Installing...
        python -m pip install highrise-bot-sdk
    ) else (
        echo Starting bot...
    python main.py
    echo Waiting for 5 seconds before restarting...
    timeout /t 5 /nobreak >nul
    goto loop

    But wait, there’s one more step before your bot can start! We need to let our script know the secret token attached to your bot, as well as which Highrise room you want your bot to join.

    Finding your unique Bot Token (API key)

    First, go to the following link: https://create.highrise.game/dashboard/credentials/api-keys


    You will see your Bots & API Keys dashboard. If you haven’t created one already, click New Bot and set your Bot’s username.

    Once created, click ‘Generate API Token’ and you will get a randomized key. Take note of that key and keep it safe, we’ll need it later.

    Finding your Highrise Room ID

    Bots know which room to join using the unique Room ID each Highrise room has. The best way to get this ID is in-game, simply join your room, open up the room list, and tap ‘Share this Room’, followed by** ‘Copy’.** Now you have an invite link to your room in your clipboard.

    Paste that link anywhere, and you’ll see it looks like this: https://high.rs/room?id=641b78a7ad0857b5099f55b6

    The link includes our unique Room ID at the end, in this case: ‘641b78a7ad0857b5099f55b6’

    Keep note of this Room ID along with your Bot API Token, now we need to put these in our script.

    Editing main.py with our information

    Right click the main.py file and edit it with your editor of choice, by default Notepad is fine. You will see the following at the top of the script:


    Go ahead and do what the comment says, filling in your Room ID between the quotation marks after room_id = “”, followed by the same for the Bot Token in the api_key = “” field. It should look roughly like this, except with your personal ID/token:


    Remember to save the file, then close your text editor, and we’re ready!

    Step 3: Start and use your bot

    Simply click on the startbot.bat file to run your bot, this will automatically install what you need and if you followed these steps correctly you should now find your Bot inside your room! Note: Bots must have Designer permissions in a different player’s room to join.

    This bot’s primary function is simply to accept tips from players, and allowing you to query the data for all tips - but first let’s move the bot from the doorway using our first command.

    !set - Set the bot position at your current location


    Upon using this command the bot will immediately teleport to your exact position, and then stay there forever! Even between disconnects and restarts. Place your bot in your ideal position where it will be visible for users to send tips and see its messages.

    Now your bot is ready to be tipped. Encourage people at your parties/events to send tips directly to your bot. This gold goes directly to your bot’s wallet, which can be viewed on the create portal here: https://create.highrise.game/dashboard/credentials/api-keys - just click on any bot to see its current Gold/Earned Gold.

    More commands:

    !top - See the top 10 tippers for your bot


    !get <player name> - Find out how much <player name> has tipped


    !wallet - Have the bot tell you how much gold it has in wallet

    That’s it, you’re ready to use your bot to receive Earned Gold. If you ever need to change the room just follow the Room ID steps before. To stop your bot simply close the terminal, and to run your bot again just double click the startbot.bat file. Your PC must stay on for the bot to continue running - if you need a bot 24/7 inside your room you may have to look into hosting services online.

    If you want to learn more about bots, their functionality, and coding, you can join the bot-api channel in the Highrise Discord. There’s plenty of resources and code snippets for you to look at and learn from, allowing your bot to do even more!

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