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    Highrise Bots Overview


    Highrise bots are automated programs that interact with Highrise servers and its users. They can perform a wide range of tasks, from moderating content and managing rooms to providing fun and interactive experiences for members. Bots can be customized to meet the specific needs of a server, making them a powerful tool for enhancing community engagement and functionality.


    Highrise bots can perform various functions, including but not limited to:

    • Moderation: Automate moderation tasks, such as filtering content, managing roles and permissions, and handling spam.
    • User Interaction: Engage with users through commands, games, polls, and more.
    • Notifications: Send alerts and notifications for events, news, or content updates.
    • Integration: Connect to external APIs and services, allowing for a wide range of additional functionality, from tracking game stats to integrating with productivity tools.

    Creating a Highrise Bot

    1. Create a Bot Account:

    2. Develop Your Bot:

      • Use programming languages like JavaScript (Node.js) or Python to code your bot.
      • Utilize the Bot API to interact with Highrise servers.
      • Test your bot locally or on a test server.

    Bot Management

    • Security: Keep your bot's token private and secure. Regenerate the token if it becomes compromised.
    • Performance: Monitor your bot's performance and optimize code to ensure smooth operation.
    • Updates: Regularly update your bot to add features, fix bugs, and improve user experience.
    • Community Feedback: Listen to the users of your bot and consider their feedback for future updates.

    Best Practices

    • Rate Limits: Respect Highrise's rate limits to avoid getting your bot banned.
    • Error Handling: Implement proper error handling to ensure your bot can gracefully recover from issues.
    • Documentation: Document your bot's commands and features for easy use by server members.
    • Respect Privacy: Be mindful of user privacy and data protection laws when storing or processing user data.


    Highrise bots offer a powerful way to enhance the functionality and community engagement of Highrise rooms. By understanding the capabilities, development process, and best practices for bot management, developers can create effective and enjoyable bots for users to interact with.

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