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    Anchors enable specific actions for players upon reaching designated points in the environment, such as sitting down, standing up, or other actions.

    Creating an Anchor

    To create an anchor, follow these steps:

    1. Right-click in the Hierarchy window and select Create Empty.
    2. Rename the new object to Anchor.
    3. Add an Anchor component to the object by clicking Add Component in the Inspector.
    4. Specify the desired Action for the anchor.
    5. Attach a Tap Handler component to make the anchor interactive.
    6. Include a Collider component to trigger the anchor.

    An object must have both a Collider component and a Tap Handler component for the Anchor to function properly.

    Anchor Actions

    Anchors support the following actions:

    1. Sit: Player sits down upon reaching the anchor.
    2. Stand: Player stands up upon reaching the anchor.
    3. Run: Player runs in place upon reaching the anchor.
    4. Walk: Player walks in place upon reaching the anchor.

    Anchor Properties

    Anchors have the following properties:

    1. Animation: The animation to play when the player reaches the anchor.
    2. Tappable: Whether the anchor is tappable by the player.
    3. Enter From: The direction from which the player enters the anchor.
    4. Exit To: The direction to which the player exits the anchor.

    Anchors can be set to any game object in the environment, whether it is an empty object or a 3D model.

    Anchor Examples

    Here are some examples of how anchors can be used in a scene:

    • Sitting Area: Create an anchor that allows the player to sit down on a bench.
    • Running Track: Create an anchor that allows the player to run in place on a treadmill.
    • Walking Path: Create an anchor that allows the player to walk in place along a path.


    Anchors are a powerful tool for creating interactive experiences in the environment. By using anchors, you can add a new level of engagement and immersion to your scene.

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