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    A Highrise project is a collection of scenes, assets, and resources that represent a world. Create and manage projects with Highrise Studio, an all-in-one IDE that provides tools for building, scripting, testing, and publishing.

    Creating a Project

    1. Open Highrise Studio Hub.
    2. Click New Project.
    3. Select a pre-made template.
    4. Enter a project name and select a location.
    5. Click Create Project.

    The new project opens in Unity via the Highrise Studio Package.

    Opening a Project

    1. Open Highrise Studio Hub.

    2. Select the project from the list of recent projects.

      • Or Click Open Project.
    3. Navigate to the project directory and click Open.

    The selected project opens in Highrise Studio.

    Saving a Project

    Highrise Studio and Unity automatically saves changes to the project. To manually save:

    1. In Unity, click File > Save Project.
      • Or press Ctrl+S (Windows) or Cmd+S (Mac).

    By organizing resources into projects, Highrise Studio provides a structured workflow for world creation. The open approach to project management allows flexibility in collaboration and version control.

    Importing An Existing Project

    If you have an existing project, click here to learn how to import it into Highrise Studio.


    Projects in Highrise Studio are the foundation for creating immersive worlds. By organizing scenes, assets, and resources into projects, you can manage, develop, and publish your Highrise experiences efficiently. With Highrise Studio, you have the tools to bring your creative vision to life and share it with the world.

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