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    Importing an Existing Project


    If you are familiar with Unity and have an existing world, this guide will assist you in importing your world into Highrise Studio. Once imported, you can make modifications, test in Play Mode, and publish as needed.

    Step 1: Install Studio Hub

    • Download and install Studio Hub.
    • Follow the instructions to install Unity and the Highrise Studio Package if not already installed.

    Step 2: Open Project

    • Launch Studio Hub.
    • Click Open Project and select the folder containing your world.

    Unity doesn't automatically open the scene when you launch a world for the first time. Use t:scene in the Project panel to filter and display only scene files.

    Step 3: Open Main Scene

    • Locate the main scene in Unity's Project panel and open it.
    • Double-click the scene file to open it in the Unity Editor.

    Step 4: Test Your World

    • Click the Play button on the top toolbar to start testing your world.
    • Ensure all the elements are working as expected.

    Step 5: Customize Your World

    • Make changes to your world by adding objects, changing properties, and scripting interactions.
    • Refer to the Getting Started guide for detailed instructions.


    You've successfully imported your world into Highrise Studio. Continue customizing and testing your world to prepare it for publishing on the Highrise platform. 🚀

    Updated 17 days ago

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