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    Characters typically refer to any Model objects that represent a character in your game. This could be a player character, an NPC, or even an enemy.

    Characters can range between basic characters, which are simple non-player characters (NPCs) that don't have any special behavior, to avatar characters, which are player characters that can be controlled by the player.

    Basic Characters (NPCs)

    Basic characters are simple Model objects that represent a character in your game. They don't have any special behavior, and are typically used as NPCs or enemies.

    You can use the following steps to create an NPC character in Highrise Studio:

    1. Right-click on the Hierarchy panel and select Highrise > NPC
    2. Select the NPC prefab in the Hierarchy panel
    3. Select the element in the Outfits panel in the Inspector panel
    4. Double click on the HumanoidDefault.asset file in the Project panel
    5. Customize the character's appearance in the Outfits panel
    6. Click CTRL + S to save the changes

    You can also use the Outfits panel to customize the character's appearance. You can change the character's hair, face, body, and clothing.


    Characters are an essential part of any game. They help bring your game world to life and make it more engaging for players. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can create basic and avatar characters for your game.

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