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    Importing Assets


    Assets are vital components of any game or experience, encompassing 3D models, textures, audio files, and scripts. In Highrise Studio, you can import assets from various sources to enrich your creations. This guide elucidates the process of importing assets into your Highrise Studio project, facilitating seamless integration into your world.

    Ways to Import Assets

    Highrise Asset Catalog

    The Highrise Asset Catalog offers an extensive array of free low-poly assets across diverse categories such as Furniture, Landscapes, and Vehicles. Benefits include:

    Benefits of Using Highrise Asset Catalog:

    • Free Assets: Access a collection of free assets to populate your world.
    • Low-Poly Models: Utilize optimized models suitable for real-time rendering.
    • Easy Integration: Import assets directly into your project with minimal effort.
    • Regular Updates: Discover new assets added to the catalog regularly.
    • Highrise Compatibility: Ensure compatibility with Highrise Studio and the platform.
    • Animated & Scripted Assets: Find assets with animations and scripts for interactive experiences.

    Install assets directly from the Asset Catalog or learn more about in-unity catalog usage here.

    External Sources

    In addition to the Highrise Asset Catalog, assets can be sourced from external platforms like the Unity Asset Store, offering a vast collection of high-quality models, textures, and animations. The process involves:

    • Download Assets: Obtain assets from external sources.
    • Import into Unity: Import downloaded assets into your Unity project.
    • Organize Assets: Arrange assets in the project hierarchy for accessibility.
    • Apply Materials: Assign textures and materials to models for realistic rendering.
    • Optimize: Ensure assets are optimized for real-time performance.

    Custom Assets

    Custom assets created by yourself or your team can also be imported into Highrise Studio, including unique character models, custom textures, and scripted objects. The steps are as follows:

    • Export Assets: Export custom assets in a compatible format from modeling software.
    • Import into Unity: Import custom assets into your Unity project.
    • Set Up Materials: Configure materials and textures for custom models.
    • Script Interactions: Add scripts to enable interactive behaviors and gameplay mechanics.
    • Test and Refine: Test custom assets in your world and refine based on feedback.

    Video Tutorial


    Importing assets is a pivotal stage in game development. Whether leveraging the Highrise Asset Catalog, external sources, or custom assets, diverse elements can enhance your projects. Experiment, combine, and manifest your creative vision in Highrise Studio. 🎨🚀

    Updated 15 days ago

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