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    Guide to Using the Highrise Asset Catalog

    The Highrise Asset Catalog is a comprehensive collection of premade assets, including models, decals, audio files, and plugins, designed to aid Highrise creators in enhancing their worlds. This guide elucidates how to effectively navigate and utilize the Highrise Asset Catalog.

    Assets Catalog

    Accessing the Asset Catalog

    The Highrise Asset Catalog is seamlessly integrated into Unity with the Highrise Studio Package. Upon installation of the package, the Asset Catalog window appears below the scene editor. Alternatively, access the catalog via the Highrise > Studio > Asset Catalog menu. Here, you can search, browse, filter, download/install, and directly import objects into your world.

    Searching for Assets

    Efficiently find assets using the search functionality:

    • Utilize the search bar to query assets by keywords such as tree, chair, or car.
    • Filter assets by category, including Furniture, Landscapes, Vehicles, and more.
    • Toggle the Smart object filter to display results containing scripts and advanced functionality.

    Downloading Assets

    Downloading assets from the Asset Catalog is straightforward:

    • Select the desired asset.
    • Click the Download button in the Inspector panel or the corresponding icon on the asset's thumbnail.
    • The asset will be automatically downloaded and installed in your project.
    • Drag and drop the asset from the Asset Catalog window into your scene for immediate use.

    Managing Assets

    • Regularly check for updates to downloaded assets, as creators may introduce new features or enhancements.


    The Highrise Asset Catalog serves as a valuable repository for creators to swiftly populate their worlds with pre-made assets, thereby streamlining the development process. By leveraging this catalog, creators can allocate their time and resources effectively towards crafting immersive experiences for their players.

    Having trouble with the Asset Catalog? Reach out to our community on the Highrise Discord server for assistance and support. 🎨🚀

    Updated 15 days ago

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