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  • Post Processing and Emissive Materials


    This guide shows how to setup a Post Processing Volume and create glowing materials using emission.


    1. Set up Post Processing

    1. Create an empty GameObject named "PostProc" in the Hierarchy.
    2. Add a Volume Component to PostProc using the Inspector.
    3. Click New in the component properties to create a Volume Profile.
    4. Add a Bloom Override.
    5. Ensure the Bloom properties are enabled and the intesity is increased from 0.

    2. Add a Camera

    1. Create a Camera Object in the Hierarchy or Select your existing Camera.
    2. Enable Post Processing in the camera's properties.

    3. Create and Assign the Material

    1. Create a material with the Universal Render Pipeline > Particles > Unlit shader.
    2. Enable emission
    3. Set the emission color and intensity.
    4. Assign the material to your mesh.


    You've successfully created a glowing material. Now you can light up your scene and build in style!

    Updated about 1 month ago

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