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    3D Modelling assets and props is essential for building virtual environments in video games, animations, and other digital media. These are digital representations of objects like furniture, vehicles, and creatures, created using 3D Modelling software.

    How Does It Work?

    To populate a scene, you use 3D Modelling software to create digital objects. These objects, crafted from polygons, are textured and shaped to mimic real-world and/or fantastical objects. They can then be animated and added to various scenes to enhance the visual experience.


    Easy Low Poly Worlds

    This is an easy to follow guide for creating a low poly world in Blender 4.0, and it is a great introduction to how 3D Modelling works.

    Exporting Models to Unity

    This is an easy to follow guide for exporting FBX models from Blender to Unity.

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