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    Earning on Highrise


    Highrise is a platform that rewards Creators for building fun and engaging experiences. Creators can earn in two ways: Engagement-Based Payouts that are paid out by Highrise daily, and the Payments API that allows Creators to charge Earned Gold for content inside their experiences.

    The Creator Exchange

    Highrise pays Creators in the form of Earned Gold. Earned Gold can be spent in-game as regular Gold, or it can be cashed out in the Creator Exchange. Once you earn 35,000 Earned Gold or more, you are eligible to convert your virtual earnings to real-world cash. You can always check your Earned Gold balance directly in your Creator Exchange Dashboard.

    Engagement-Based Payouts

    Worlds and rooms receive Engagement-Based Payouts based on how much time Highrise users spend in your world. These payments are settled daily and all Creators are paid automatically. Learn more about Engagement-Based Payouts work.

    Accepting Gold Payments

    World Creators can accept Gold payments inside their experiences using the Payments API. This is not yet live, but is coming very soon.

    Updated 29 days ago

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