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    User Interface


    Highrise UI Specification Overview


    This document outlines the specifications for creating user interfaces (UI) in Highrise worlds. It serves as a guideline for creators to ensure consistency, usability, and performance across different game interfaces built on the Highrise platform.

    Design Principles


    • Visual Harmony: All UI elements should follow a unified theme with consistent color schemes, fonts, and iconography.
    • Functional Consistency: Similar functions should be represented in similar ways across different parts of the game.


    • Intuitiveness: UI should be straightforward and easy to navigate.
    • Feedback: Immediate feedback must be provided for user actions to confirm interactions.
    • Color Contrast: Ensure high contrast between text and background colors.

    Performance Optimization

    • Asset Management: Minimize the size of UI assets to reduce load times.
    • Script Efficiency: Optimize Lua scripts to minimize CPU load.


    This specification aims to provide a foundation for Highrise developers to create user-friendly, efficient, and consistent interfaces. By adhering to these guidelines, developers can ensure a high-quality user experience that scales across the diverse range of games and experiences available on Highrise.

    Updated about 1 month ago

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