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    Kaiju King


    "Kaiju King" is a multiplayer game project that takes players on a journey of becoming the ultimate kaiju ruler. This breakdown captures the process of bringing this game to life, showcasing the key features and mechanics used during development.

    Kaiju King is a Template that can be found in the Highrise Stuido Hub.

    Key Features

    1. Modular Player Tracking

    The game utilizes modules to track players as they join and leave the game. This ensures seamless multiplayer experiences and allows for dynamic adjustments to gameplay elements based on the number of active players.

    2. Client and Server Events

    Client and server events play a crucial role in facilitating communication between players and the game server. These events enable real-time updates, such as player movements, interactions, and game state changes, ensuring smooth multiplayer interactions.

    3. Trigger Collisions

    Trigger collisions add depth to the gameplay experience by detecting when players interact with game objects or each other. Whether it's destroying obstacles, triggering special abilities, or engaging in combat, trigger collisions enhance immersion and create exciting gameplay moments.

    4. Dynamic Prefab Spawning and Destruction

    The game features dynamic spawning and destruction of prefabs, allowing for the creation and removal of game elements on-the-fly. This feature adds variety to the game environment, such as spawning power-ups, or obstacles keeping players engaged and challenged throughout their gaming sessions.

    Watch the Breakdown

    Watch the process of creating an experiance. From starting a new project to testing multiplayer with virtual players.

    Updated about 1 month ago

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