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    Random Number Generator


    This example breaks down how to write the script for the Random Number Generator asset, which generates a random number within a specified range when a tap event is triggered:

    Create an Interactable Random Number Generator

    1. Set Up an Interactable Object

    2. Write the Lua Script

    • Double-click the Lua script in the Project window to open it.
    • Write the following code inside the script:
    local maxNumber : number = 10
    local currentNumber = IntValue.new("CurrentNumber", 0)
    local tapRequest = Event.new("TapRequest")
    local myMaterial = nil
    function self:ClientAwake()
        --Set myMaterial to the Objects material
        myMaterial = self.gameObject:GetComponent(Renderer).material
        --Connect to the Tapped event in the TapHandler Component
        --Connect to the Chantged Event from out Network Integer Value
        currentNumber.Changed:Connect(function(newVal, oldVal)
            --Update Visual
            myMaterial:SetFloat("_Tile", tonumber(newVal))
    function self:ServerAwake()
        --Connect to the Tap Request from a Client
            --Set the Current Number to a random value
            currentNumber.value = math.random(1,maxNumber)

    Variable Declarations:

    • maxNumber: A constant defining the maximum value for a random number.
    • currentNumber: A network-synced integer that tracks the current number.
    • tapRequest: A network event that triggers when the object is tapped.
    • myMaterial: A variable to store the material of the object (initially nil).

    Client-side Logic (ClientAwake):

    • Material Initialization:
      • Retrieves and stores the material of the game object for later modification.
    • Tap Interaction:
      • Connects to the Tapped event of the object to fire a tapRequest to the server when tapped.
    • Visual Update on Change:
      • Listens for changes to currentNumber and updates the material's _Tile property based on the new value to alter the object's visual appearance.

    Server-side Logic (ServerAwake):

    • Handling Tap Requests:
      • Responds to tapRequest events from clients by setting currentNumber to a random value between 1 and maxNumber.

    _Tile is a custom property from the Shader included in the Random Number Generator Asset on the Asset Store.

    By following these steps, you can create a Lua script in Highrise Studio that functions as a random number generator, updating visual feedback based on user interactions. This script can be further customized or integrated into larger projects as needed.

    Updated 27 days ago

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