Creating your First World


This tutorial will guide you in Creating your First World in the HIGHRISE World Builder.

We encourage you to follow along with the video tutorial to ensure a successful setup; the written instructions are also below. Your journey into Highrise World Building starts here.

Step 1: Open World Builder and Create a New World

  1. Launch World Builder. Upon starting, you'll be greeted by the "Worlds Library."
  2. Since we don't have any worlds yet, click "Create."
  3. Choose a destination on your drive where you'd like to save your world. Create a new folder for your world within that location.
  4. Click "Select Folder" to confirm your choice.


Step 2: Access the Main Room

  1. After creating your world, you might be taken directly to the first "Room" or "Scene." If not, double-click on the Room item labeled "Main" or “New Room”.


Step 3: Adjust Room Properties

  1. On the right-hand side, you'll find the Inspector window displaying properties for your selected object, which, in this case, is the Room.
  2. Here are the properties you will see:
    • Player Prefab
    • Local Player Prefab
    • Sun Color
    • Ambient/Shadow Color
    • Background Color

Step 4: Setting Inside and Outside Colors

  1. All we want to worry about right now is the Background Color.
  2. Select the Drop down menu and select Gradient
  3. You have options for both Inside Color and Outside Color, represented as Hex Codes.


Step 5: Save and Exit

  1. Save your Room.
  2. Close the Room.
  3. Finally, close your project, which will return you to the Worlds Library.


Step 6: View Your First World

  1. In the Worlds Library, you'll now see your newly created world.
  2. You can also view the directory path on your machine where your world's core files are stored.

Step 7: Explore the Assets Folder

  1. Navigate to your world's folder and locate the "Assets" folder. This is where you can place your Rooms, Models, Scripts, and other assets.


Step 8: Test Your Room

  1. Return to your Room within the world and use the "Play" button at the top of the editor to test it.


Congratulations! You've Created Your First 3D Room

That's it! You've successfully created your first 3D room using World Builder. Now, you can continue to build and customize your virtual world with rooms, models, and more in the Assets folder.

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