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    This is the official documentation for the Highrise Web API. Our API offers a broad spectrum of access to data from the Highrise game, designed with developers and community members in mind. This data can be utilized for a range of applications, from creating community apps to game analytics, or even enhancing Highrise bot functionality.

    Getting Started

    All API requests start with the base URL:


    This base URL should be the recipient of all your requests to our API.


    The Highrise Web API employs cursor-based pagination using the starts_after and ends_before request parameters. Here’s how it works:

    • starts_after: This is the ID of the item from which you want to start fetching data. The server will return entries that come after this ID. If this parameter is not provided, the server starts from the first entry.
    • ends_before: This is the ID of the item before which you want to stop fetching data. The server will return entries that come before this ID.

    To help illustrate, here is an example:

    1. Initial request:

      Example: GET https://webapi.highrise.game/users?limit=50

      This fetches the first 50 users. The user_id of the last user in the response will be used as a cursor for the next request.

    2. Fetching subsequent pages:

      Example: GET https://webapi.highrise.game/users?starts_after=641ca75c543d7461b472ef62&limit=50

      In this example, starts_after=641ca75c543d7461b472ef62 uses the last user_id from the previous request to fetch the next 50 users.

    3. Fetching previous pages:

      Example: GET https://webapi.highrise.game/users?ends_before=641ca75c543d7461b472ef62&limit=50

      Here, ends_before=641ca75c543d7461b472ef62 uses the first user_id from the current page to fetch the previous 50 users.

    API Resources

    Below is a list of the all API resources currently available through the Web API.

    API Responses

    All responses are in JSON format. Here is an example response:

        "user": {
            "user_id": "641ca75c543d7461b472ef62",
            "username": "DAnie842",
            "outfit": [...],
            "bio": "Hey!!!!",
            "joined_at": "2023-03-23T19:24:12.954000+00:00",
            "last_online_in":  "2023-06-28T17:26:10.254000+00:00",
            "num_followers": 2,
            "num_following": 2,
            "num_friends": 1,
            "active_room": null,
            "country_code": "302",
            "crew": null,
            "voice_enabled": true

    Rate Limiting

    We implement rate limiting to ensure fair usage of the API. If a rate limit is surpassed within a designated time period, the API will respond with a HTTP 429 Too Many Requests status code. This mechanism helps prevent potential abuse and maintain the overall stability and reliability of the API service for all our users.


    As of now, the API does not mandate any authentication tokens or API keys. All accessible data is public. Please note that any data modification or updating is unsupported.

    Feedback and Support

    If you encounter any issues or have questions, we invite you to join our community discord server. We greatly value your feedback and are committed to ongoing improvement and content additions based on your suggestions.

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