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    What can I expect to receive if I’m sponsored?

    1. Free room boost: Your room will be at the top of the directory for as long as it is running. 2. Room capacity expansion: According to the event’s needs. 3. Free microphone: If the experience requires voice chat. (Remember that microphone cannot be shared with minors.) 4. Distribution on HRLive calendar. 5. Bubbles for event room building. 6. HRLive and Highrise EN post announcements with the events of the week. Shoutouts on Highrise EN and/or HRLive account may be possible.

    Do you have any resources to help me make art and materials for promotion?

    Yes! You can use this link to explore different resources and materials that can help you create marketing collateral to promote your event. If you need some other material, please contact us and we'll see what resources we can add!

    Unsure of how to create your HR Live banner?

    That's okay, we've got you covered. All you need to do is share your event's vision with us and provide any relevant materials you have, such as avatar images (without background) or references. We’ll take care of the rest and turn your banner into reality.

    Updated 3 months ago

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