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    How does my event qualify to be an HRLive-sponsored event?

    For an event to be considered for sponsorship by HRLive, the host must:

    1. Have a clean moderation history. One or two warnings are acceptable, but anything beyond that will be flagged for review.
    2. Strive to be a positive influence in the community.
    3. Have hosted awesome events with significant engagement and attendance.

    Simple giveaways and tipping rooms do not qualify to be HRLive-sponsored events 😕. We are looking for experiences that engage and inspire our community in unique and creative ways 🌈!

    How can I increase the odds of my event being sponsored?

    1. Your idea should be creative! ✨
    2. Submit a detailed proposal of your event.
    3. Submit an event that will happen at least 3 weeks from the day of submission.
    4. If possible, summarize your prior events (including content, attendance, engagement, and anything else you can think of).
    5. If possible, create content around the event, like posts and promotional material.

    OK, I’m excited! How do I submit my event application?

    Fill out this form! You can also start promoting your event without our official sponsorship by tagging #HRLive. We’ll be watching! 👀

    Updated 4 months ago

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