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Whether you're a Builder or a Designer, access everything you need to start creating in Highrise for free. Share your creations with millions of people in the Highrise Virtual Universe.

Highrise Studio

Your World, built with our tools

Create and manage your own world with the Highrise Studio. Dream. Build. Play. Take your creations to the next level with this powerful tool that gives you deep customizations on every aspect of the Highrise experience.

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Bot Apis

The most powerful APIs. All at your fingertips.


Connect your own code and servers to our highly extensible Bot API and run your own Bots inside the Highrise Universe.

Engine API + Cloud API

Leverage the power of the Highrise Studio for deep customization of games and experiences using Lua.


Access the network of Highrise from your own web applications.

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Asset Catalog

Tap into a vast library of ready-made assets, or create new ones and contribute to our virtual universe.

Find the perfect elements to make your world stand out.

Browse thousands of assets created by the community to add to your own creations.

Create new assets and monetize.

Sell your creations in our Asset Catalog and help other World Builders realize their dreams

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Be the next fashion icon with a portfolio of your own unique designs.

Join thousands of Designers to shape the future of fashion both in and out of our Virtual Universe

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