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  • World Creator Spotlight Interview 🌟

    Meet the Creator aprilcat - Creator of Squid Game World

    These questions are in reference to the Squid Game world created by aprilcat in the Highrise Studio.

    Can you tell us about yourself and how you got started with virtual world building?

    Hi! I first got started with virtual world building through Highrise’s early alpha builds of Studio. I have no experience in this domain outside of this, other than what little time I’ve spent building 2D rooms in regular HR!

    I love Highrise and building things that the community can use. I have always loved exploring and leveraging any new systems HR bring out to see what I can innovate in the community. I am a free player in-game which means all my items and gold have to be earned via adding value to the community in some way. I have already done this with bots to a degree, and I see worlds as an even more powerful tool for me to build cool experiences and earn as a creator.

    What inspired you to create your virtual world in Highrise?

    I was inspired by the many different approaches to recreating the popular “Red Light Green Light” scene in Squid Games made by many different creators in many different games. Whether that’s Minecraft, Roblox, etc..

    Can you describe the theme or concept behind your world?

    The concept is a simple recreation of the Squid Games scene, which is a deadly and spooky version of the childhood game “Red Light Green Light”. This scene rose to huge popularity and became an internet phenomenon because the game itself resonates with so many.

    I believe this scene also lends itself to game creation in a couple of interesting ways. The coding required is very simple, just a start line and end line, and a check to see if players are moving. From a world design perspective, the walls in the show are literally just flat paintings of scenery in a square empty room, and only requires 1 simple doll model that turns. It’s like it was made for this!

    What sets your world apart from others in Highrise?

    I believe worlds that play on popular media concepts will always be more eye catching and interesting as users can relate to it.

    I also made use of a large camera screen, as well as a camera directly attached to the user perspective which helps visualize what’s happening and is engaging to look at.

    Is there a world made by another creator that you really love? What do you look for in other people's world experiences?

    I liked Lunar Blossoms by tanuhtanu a lot! This is the most beautiful world design I’ve seen so far, and whilst I’m focused mainly on scripting and games, I believe aesthetics of hangout worlds will be an important part of the worlds experience for many current HR users.

    How do you approach designing and building within the virtual environment?

    I usually start with a general concept of what I’d like to build, and begin looking at free assets online or simple assets I can create in Unity. After creating a basic build skeleton, I spend most of the time working on what interests me which is scripting and designing the experience with sounds/animations. I’ll then add finishing touches like lighting and more complex assets to the scene.

    The most useful resources in my approach have been the video demonstrations of building a world from Nautis and Hsein. Seeing and watching the full process has been helpful for someone who is totally unfamiliar with Unity and where to start.

    What do you hope players will experience or take away from exploring your world?

    I hoped that players would find it somewhat challenging and also kinda scary. I wanted to make sure it would take a fair few attempts before reaching the end, and to feel a sense of achievement from winning, teleporting them up to a glowing stage.

    What advice would you give to players who want to start creating worlds?

    If you have little experience with Unity like me, you should first start with the very basics and try to follow along with Highrise’s guides to get your first world uploaded, even if it's just a basic template room.

    If your goal is building aesthetic rooms, I would recommend using Highrise’s pre-made assets to start and simply dragging and dropping a little world in a similar way to building a 2D HR room from the furniture store.

    If you want to create games, I would learn the basics of scripting, with the initial goal of just printing something to the console, and work your way up!

    Are there any unique features or hidden gems within your world that players should look out for?

    Players should keep watch of the big target screen on the wall, the Doll is constantly scanning around to watch for your movements. If you see yourself up there, it might mean you’re about to be eliminated, so watch out!

    How do you engage with the Highrise community to promote your world?

    I like to drop occasional posts with hints at the progress of my creations. I like to leave some room for discovery and for players to work things out for themselves. I also see people posting about their experience with my world which makes more people interested to try!

    What challenges have you faced during the creation process, and how did you overcome them?

    My biggest challenge was learning and understanding Unity as a program. I mostly overcame this by watching Nautis demonstrating building Kaiju King from start to finish. I also looked at all the template projects of premade worlds to see exactly how a working project is structured and built.

    What do you think users will find most exciting about creating their first world?

    I believe the best part for most users will be learning Animations and Particle Systems. Neither of these require any coding knowledge, and can create really visually interesting effects not possible before in Highrise. People have been asking for animated furniture and interactable effects for a very long time, and now it’s easily possible!

    Lastly, do you have any upcoming projects or plans for the future you would like to share with us?

    Yes! I’ve learned a lot since creating Squid Games and want to build much more rich and developed games/worlds. My biggest goal is to create an immersive pet sim game where anyone can own and take care of their own pet in Highrise! I hope you will look out for that in the future.

    Thank you for sharing your insights with us, aprilcat! We can't wait to see what you create next. 🌟

    Updated 15 days ago

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