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    Serialized Fields


    In this guide you will learn how to create Serialized Fields to expose your variables to the Editor.

    What is a Serialized Field?

    A Serialized Field is what we call a Lua variable that has been Serialized and Typed, making it avalible to control in the Editor.


    Highrise Studio uses Lua for scripting, Therefore variables are declared as follows.

    local myNumber = 5
    local myString = "Hi There"
    local myBool = true

    Variables defined this way are not visible in the Inspector. To access variables via the Editor they need to be in a SerializeField as well as Typed When you Type a variable you have the fundamental types number boolean string as well as Unity's built in Types such as: GameObject Transform and Vector3

    local myNumber : number = 0
    local myString : string = "default"
    local myBool : boolean = true
    local myGameObject : GameObject = nil
    local myTransform : Transform = nil
    local myVector : Vector3 = Vector3.new()

    Note: when declaring typed variables, the fundamental types are lowercase where the Unity types are PascalCase. To get more supported Unity Types, see Learn>Studio>API>Classes on the Create Portal.

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