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    Scripting a GameObject


    In this guide you will learn how to create a basic Lua script and add it to a game object.

    What is a Lua Script?

    • Lua is the scripting language used for creating dynamic and interactive Highrise Worlds.
    • Learn more about how we use Lua to connect to Unity GameObjects Here.

    ❗️Caution When building a Highrise World, C# scripts are not included in the package build. Make sure to only implement using Lua Scripts.

    Creating a Hello World Script in Unity with Lua

    Step1: Creating the Script File:

    • Click on Project in the Unity editor panel.
    • Click on the + icon on the top left corner of the panel to create a new asset.
    • Navigate to Lua > Script and select it.
    • Name your script file "HelloWorldScript".

    Create-Script New-Script

    Step2: Opening the Script in VS Code:

    • Double-click the script file to open it in Visual Studio Code (VS Code).
    • In VS Code, press Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + X to open extensions.
    • Search for "Highrise Studio Tools" and install it.


    Step3: Writing the Script:

    • In your script file, type the following Lua code:
      print("Hello World")

    Step4: Adding the Script to a GameObject:

    • Back in Unity, click on the + icon in the top left corner of the Hierarchy panel.
    • Select Create Empty to create a new GameObject.
    • Name your new object as desired.
    • Select the newly created GameObject in the Hierarchy panel.
    • In the Inspector panel, click on Add Component.
    • Search for your Lua script by name ("HelloWorldScript").
    • Alternatively, you can drag your script directly onto the object in the Hierarchy or into the Inspector panel.

    Add-Script Added-Script

    Step5: Running the Script:

    • With the script attached to the GameObject, press Play in Unity to run the scene.
    • Click on the Console panel to see the output, which should display "Hello World".


    By following these steps, you've successfully created a Lua script in Unity, attached it to a GameObject, and executed it to print "Hello World" in the Unity console. Happy coding!

    📖 For more detailed syntax, please refer to the Lua API Docs.

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