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    Publishing Your World


    In this guide you will learn how to publish your world to Highrise.

    Step1: Highrise Create Portal

    • Accessing Dashboard: Navigate to the Highrise Create Portal and proceed to your Dashboard.
    • Creating a New World: Click on Creations in the dashboard menu, then select "Create World."


    • Naming and Introducing Your World: Provide a name and introduction for your world.


    • Uploading Media: Upload a thumbnail and images to represent your world visually.
    • Adding Description: Write a description to give users an idea of what your world is about.
    • Saving Your Work: Once all details are set, save your world.


    Step2: Unity

    • Accessing Project: Open your project in Unity and ensure you're signed into your Highrise account using the button on the top left corner.

    before sign in after sign in

    • Publishing: With your project ready, click on the "Publish" button.


    • Selecting Organization: Choose the organization your world is associated with.
    • Choosing World to Publish: Select your newly created world from the list.
    • Confirming and Publishing: Review your choices and then hit "Publish."


    Step3: Monitoring Progress

    • Checking Build Status: Return to the creations window in the Highrise Create Portal, select your world, then navigate to the "Builds" section.
    • Viewing Processing: Here, you can observe your world's processing status as it prepares for publication.

    Congratulations on taking this significant step in sharing your creation with the world!

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