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    Importing Assets from the Unity Asset Store


    In this guide you will learn how to download and import assets from the Unity Asset Store.

    Importing Assets Video Guide

    Step 1: Start a New Basic Project

    1. Open the Studio Hub and create a new project.

    Step 2: Access the Asset Store

    1. Navigate to the Asset Store in your Browser.
    2. Find and open the desired asset.
    3. Click on "Add to My Assets."

    Step 3: Accept Terms of Service and Download

    1. Return to Unity
    2. Open the Package Manager
    3. In the Package Manager, switch to the "My Assets" tab.
    4. Locate your new asset and click "Download."

    Step 4: Import the Package

    1. Once downloaded, import the package into your project.

    Step 5: Delete the Cube and Clear Baked Lighting

    1. Delete the cube or any other default objects in your scene.
    2. If any lighting is baked, clear the baked lighting information.

    Step 6: Drop New Models into the Scene

    1. Now, you can drag and drop the new models from the imported package into the scene.
    2. Adjust the placement and configuration of the models as needed.

    Congratulations! You've Integrated the Custom Asset into Your Unity Project

    You have successfully set up a new Unity project, added a custom asset from the Asset Store, and incorporated it into your scene with Highrise shaders. Happy development!

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