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    3D Modeling and Animation


    Creating Glowing Materials


    In this guide you will learn how to create glowing/neon materials with emission and post processing.

    Step 1: Setup the Post Processing

    1. Create a new Empty Gameobject, named "PostProc", in the Hierarchy
    2. Use the Inspector to give PostProc a Volume Component
    3. Click New in the component properties to create a new Volume Profile
    4. Add a Bloom "Override"

    Step 2: Add a Camera

    1. Create a new Camera Object in the Hierarchy
    2. Enable post processing in the camera's properties. This camera is just to preview the Bloom effect. Disable or Delete it before testing and publishing

    Step 3: Create and Asign the Material

    1. Create a new Material with the "Highrise Unlit" Shader. (Highrise > Unlit)
    2. Set your Emission color and strength
    3. Assign the material to your mesh

    Congratulations! You've Created Your neon material!

    That's it! You've successfully created a glowing neon material. Now, you can light up your scene and build in Style!

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