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    3D Modeling and Animation


    Coloring your Asset


    In this series, we will learn how to create a custom Highrise 3D asset using Blender 3D. Follow along with the steps below to build your first 3D model.

    We encourage you to follow along with the video tutorial to ensure a successful setup.

    1. Install the Vertex Color Addon

    1. Begin by opening Blender.
    2. Navigate to "Edit" > "Preferences."
    3. In the Preferences window, select the "Add Ons" tab.
    4. Ensure that "Community" is selected to search for community addons.
    5. Click on the "Install" button.
    6. Locate and select the addon's zip file provided in the written guide for this lesson.
    7. After selecting the zip file, click "Install Addon."

    2. Enter Vertex Paint Mode

    1. In Blender's 3D Viewport, ensure you're in "Object Mode."
    2. Select your Cactus Model.
    3. Use the menu in the top-left corner or press "Control Tab" to switch to "Vertex Paint Mode."

    3. Explore Vertex Color Tools

    1. In Vertex Paint Mode, you'll find the Vertex Color Tools on the top and left sides of the 3D Viewport.
    2. Press "T" to toggle the toolbar if you don't see them.
    3. These tools include Brush, Color A, Color B, Blend Mode, Radius, and Strength.

    4. Create a Gradient

    1. With the newly installed addon, you can use Color A and Color B to create a gradient.
    2. Select your desired colors for Color A and Color B.
    3. Press "N" to open the Properties Panel on the right.
    4. Select the "VCM" (Vertex Color Master) panel.

    5. Paint a Gradient on the Cactus

    1. Switch to the front view by pressing "Numpad 1" or using the gizmo at the top right.
    2. Select "Linear Gradient" from the Vertex Color Tools.
    3. Begin at the bottom of the cactus and click and drag to the top.
    4. Use the "Shift" key to ensure a vertical snap.

    6. Paint the Clay Pot

    1. Repeat the gradient painting process for the clay pot.

    7. Paint the Dirt

    1. Select the pot and enter "Edit Mode."
    2. Choose only the dirt faces.
    3. Return to "Vertex Paint Mode."
    4. At the top, select the "Face Mask for Painting" widget. This will disable any faces not selected in Edit mode.
    5. Pick a color for your dirt.
    6. Press "Shift" and "K" to fill the selection with the chosen color.

    8. Adjust Shading and Lighting

    1. Select the "Shading" dropdown menu in the top right corner.
    2. Choose "Flat Lighting" and "Attribute Coloring." Note that Attribute Color may be synonymous with Vertex Color, depending on your Blender version.


    Your model is now colored using vertex paint! Experiment with different colors and techniques to achieve your desired result.

    Vertex Color Master Add-On 👇

    Vertex Color Master Addon

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