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    The 'Player' class in Highrise represents each individual participant in the game. It is a crucial element, acting as the bridge between the player's real-world actions and their in-game avatar's behaviors. The class comprises the 'name' attribute of the players for easy identification, and an 'avatar' object that maps to the player's in-game character. It also includes event-based methods that respond to specific activities such as the instantiation and destruction of a player's avatar.





    The 'name' property holds the name of the player. This can be used to identify the player in the game, for example, in the chat or in the leaderboard.




    The 'id' property holds the unique identifier of the player. This is an alternative way to track players via number.


    This property gives you access to the player's. It allows you to manipulate the character's properties and behavior, such as changing its appearance or controlling its movement.

    Only server scripts can set the character


    An event that is triggered when the player's character is changed. This is useful for performing actions that need to be executed when the player's character is updated, including from nil to anything.

    Parameters are Player player, Character newCharacter, Character oldCharacter

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