Creating Glowing Materials


In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a glowing material for objects and lights in a 3D scene. We will use a blue cube as an example.

We encourage you to follow along with the video tutorial to ensure a successful setup.

Step 1: Adding the Blue Cube to the Scene

  1. Open your World and navigate to the "Models” Folder.
  2. Locate the "Blue Cube" and drag it into your scene.

Step 2: Accessing the Cube's Properties

  1. In the Inspector panel, you’ll find the properties of the blue cube.
  2. Note that these properties are currently grayed out and not editable.

Step 3: Opening the Mesh Settings

  1. To edit the cube's properties, double-click the model in the Asset Panel or click "Open."
  2. This will open the settings for the mesh.

Step 4: Creating a New Material

  1. Inside the mesh settings, locate the "Material" property.
  2. Since you don't have any materials yet, create a new Materials Folder and then create a new material within it.
  3. Double-click the newly created material in the Asset Panel to open its properties.

Step 5: Configuring the Material

  1. You will find the following options inside the material properties:
    • Shader Type (keep it as default for now).
    • Texture (which can override the Vertex Color if desired).
    • Overlay Color.
    • Emission Intensity (set it to a strength of 2).

Step 6: Applying the Material

  1. Return to the cube's properties in the Inspector.
  2. Select the newly created material.

Step 7: Applying the Material to Another Asset

  1. If you want to apply the same glowing material to another asset, repeat the process from Step 6 onwards.

Step 8: Creating Actual Light

  1. To create actual light from these emissions, lower the sun's value to darken the room or scene.
  2. In the Hierarchy panel, right-click and create a new Point Light.
  3. Configure the Point Light properties, including colors, strengths, and ranges, to achieve the desired lighting effect.

Step 9: Enjoy Your Glowing Room

And Voila!

You now have a lit-up room with objects and lights that use the glowing material you created.

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