Uploading to the Asset Store


This guide will walk you through the process of uploading your custom asset to the Asset Store. Follow these steps for a seamless experience.

We encourage you to follow along with the video tutorial to ensure a successful setup; the written instructions are also below. Your journey into Highrise World Building starts here.

Step 1: Navigate to the Create Portal

  1. Start by navigating to the "Create Portal" and click on "Start Creating" to access your Dashboard.

Step 2: Access My Assets

  1. Once in the Dashboard, locate and click on "My Assets."

Step 3: Create a New Asset

  1. Click on "Create New" and provide the necessary details in the dialogue box.

    • Enter the Asset name,
    • select the category
    • click confirm
  2. Now fill in the remaining details for your listing.

    • add a description,
    • price,
    • image,
    • thumbnail,
    • tags for visibility.
    • Save your Asset and return to the World Builder.

Step 4: Organize Your Assets in the World Builder

In the World Builder, you'll should have a dedicated directory for your new Assets. This directory includes any Prefab, Texture, Mesh, or Material that the asset depends on.

Step 5: Upload to the Asset Store

Select the folder containing all your Asset components. Right-click and choose "Upload to Asset Store." Choose the Store Asset you created earlier and click "Confirm."

Step 6: Finalize and Publish

Return to the listing, refresh the Asset, and click "Save" and then "Publish." Note: Published assets will undergo a review by the support team. They will either be published or sent back for modification.

Step 7: Await Review and Approval

Once published, your Asset is no longer editable. In "My Assets," you can see your new asset awaiting review and ready to be approved and added to the Asset Store.

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